The 10 Biggest Investment Mistakes Canadians Make and How to Avoid Them

Hard to Be Human cover

“A very sophisticated and extremely valuable read.”

Gordon Pape, bestselling author and investment commentator

Publisher  Stoddart

Publication Date  January 1, 2000

Hardcover: 9780773732728 & 0773732721
Paperback: 9780773762480 & 0773762485

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Are you your own worst investing enemy?

Do you every pay top dollar to go to a sports event or concert, but then drive around and around the block to save a few dollars on parking? Would you go 15 minutes out of your way to save $25 on a $45 lamp, but not to get a $750 television set for $725? Are you more comfortable choosing the numbers 8, 17, 9, 4, 11, 34 for a lottery ticket than 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re like everyone else—a victim of human nature. In The 10 Biggest Investment Mistakes Canadian Make, bestselling author and financial industry executive Ted Cadsby shares the secrets of the new field of behavioural finance and shows you how your own psychology is at the root of the 10 most costly investment mistakes you’re likely to make. He also provides concrete solutions and detailed advice to help you outsmart yourself, put market probabilities in your favour, and improve your returns.