The Power of Index Funds

Hard to Be Human cover

Publisher  Stoddart

Publication Date  January 1,1999

Paperback: ‎9780773761773 & 0773761772

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Canada’s best-kept investment secret is out! In his first bestselling edition of The Power of Index Funds, investing expert Ted Cadsby introduced Canadians to a startling fact: more often than not, index mutual funds and other indexed products outperform actively managed funds. Now more and more investors are discovering that their long-term investment returns can be improved if their portfolios are built on a foundation of funds that mirror—rather than attempt to beat—the performance of stock and bond indexes.

In this revised addition, Cadsby demonstrates once again, with updated figures and recommendations, exactly why the indexing strategy is so powerful. And he gives investors detailed advice on how to construct a portfolio, what proportion of a portfolio should be indexed, and which index and complementary active mutual funds are likely to generate the best returns. 

“Ted Cadsby makes a strong case for using index funds as a core portfolio holding and then tells readers exactly how to do it.”

Gordon Pape, bestselling author and investment commentator

“Ted Cadsby has provided a valuable addition to the world of investment finance. This book can immediately be put into action.”

Eric Kirzner, PhD, Professor of Finance, Rotman School of Management

“The most likely candidate for Canada’s indexing guru is Ted Cadsby.”

Jonathan Chevreau, National Post

“It’s a must read for Canadians who are serious about investing.”

Moshe Arye Milevsky, PhD, Professor of Finance, Schulich School of Business

“Cadsby offers a wealth of practical advice on how to create index-based portfolios. It’s a keeper for any investor.”

Jade Hemeon, Toronto Star

“Ted’s case for indexing is buttressed by a powerful array of facts that would make any fair judge rule: ‘Case closed.’ Readers who first understand his advice and then follow it will be duly enriched.”

John Bogle, Founder and Former Chairman of The Vanguard Group