Ted’s Speeches

“Your keynote, The Missing Leadership Ingredient, was identified in evaluations as one of the top 3 highlights of our conference, with comments such as ‘very inspiring and a perfect opener‘.”

Robert P. Taylor, PhD., Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Public Administration of Canada

Ted brought together insights from the latest findings of neuroscience and behavioural psychology to create a compelling presentation that provided practical steps leaders can take to be better decision makers in the face of complexity.”

John Brewer, Director, The Conference Board of Canada

Ted’s speech provided very illuminating insight into the practical applicability of cutting-edge research. It provided real lessons for leaders at all levels, as evidenced by the extended Q&A.”

Chris MacDonald, PhD., Director, Ted Rogers Leadership Centre, Ryerson University

As an experienced public speaker, Ted can adapt his message of complex thinking to audiences in business, public policy and education.

Speeches are customized to suit particular objectives, based on the following general topics:

  • Leadership: The Missing Leadership Ingredients
  • Teamwork: Getting Better Decisions From Groups
  • Decision-Making: Confronting Our Thinking Errors
  • Problem Solving: Differentiating The Straightforward From The Complex
  • Complexity and Investing: Errors To Avoid And Strategies To Pursue
  • Board Discussions: Leveraging Cognitive Diversity With Constructive Dissent

Samples of Ted’s Speeches