Because it’s

hard to be human

in a complex world…

one that lures us to

underthink and overreact.

Ted Cadsby helps organizations and individuals dissect and tackle complex problems.

Ted Cadsby,  MBA, CFA, ICD.D

As the former executive vice president of Retail Distribution at CIBC, Ted led 18,000 employees in wealth management and banking services in Canada and internationally. He was President and CEO of CIBC Securities Inc., Chairman of CIBC Trust Corp., and Chairman of CIBC Private Investment Counsel Inc.

Ted is a bestselling author of four books, speaker, consultant and an accredited corporate director, serving on a number of private, public and non-profit boards. He has been extensively interviewed by the national media and written articles for numerous publications.

A Complex World Demands…

Ted Cadsby Corporate Speaker

Complex Thinking

Problem:  There is a gap between how we think about the world and how the world actually works.

Solution:  To close this gap, we can invoke specific mental strategies drawn from cognitive science and complexity science.

Ted’s focus is on overcoming the two main drivers of the gap in our thinking:

  • We oversimplify (everything)
  • We are overconfident (in our oversimplified conclusions).

Oversimplifying and overconfidence work for much of what we do. But when they don’t, we get in trouble: we overreact.

Complex Leadership

Problem:  Dissecting complexity requires high quality team discussion. But deep, productive conversation is not self-generating.

Solution Today’s leader must be a skilled facilitator of dialogue: a Chief Conversation Facilitator.

Ted reveals the key elements required to leverage cognitive diversity in a team by fostering constructive dissent. He explains how to avoid the “wicked three discussion traps”:

  • group polarization
  • group think
  • path dependence.

How We Perceive Things:

How They Actually Work:

Hard to Be Human cover


Ted writes on topics related to real-world complexity. His fourth and most recent book, published by Dundurn Press, explores the challenge of being human.


Ted has delivered keynote speeches to audiences of 1,800 people, conducted workshops for twelve, and addressed every group size in between, both in person and online.


As president of TRC Advisory Inc., Ted works with management teams, boards and high-net-worth families to facilitate improved decision-making.

“Ted Cadsby has done us all a favour with this lucid tour of thinking through complexity.”

Roger Martin, former Dean of the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

“Your keynote was identified in evaluations as one of the top 3 highlights of our conference, with comments such as ‘very inspiring’ and ‘perfect opener’.”

Robert P. Taylor, PhD, CEO of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada

“Brimming with insight, professionals in all fields will find Cadsby’s book highly valuable.”

Phil Rosenzweig, PhD, Professor of strategy and international management, IMD

“Cadsby’s ideas are vital … Read them and prosper.”

Don Tapscott, Executive Chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute

“Cadsby expertly outlines why humans possess instinctive responses and provides actionable tips..his presentation is creative and informative.”

Kirkus Book Reviews

“This wide-ranging book distills the latest research in complexity theory and cognitive science to think and act more effectively.” 

David Orrell, PhD, mathematician and best-selling author

“Loved Cadsby’s Closing the Mind Gap…must-read for anyone wanting to tackle complexity!”

Amanda Lang, Anchor of BNN Bloomberg

“Ted brought together insights in a compelling presentation that provided practical steps leaders can take.”

John Brewer, Director, The Conference Board of Canada

“A courageous synthesis of psychology, complexity and systems theory. Cadsby provides practical implications for improving decision-making.”

Gary Klein, PhD, Senior Scientist MacroCognition LLC

“William James said we are only half awake. Ted Cadsby shows there is a lot of scientific truth wrapped inside that metaphorical truth.”

Philip Tetlock, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Wharton School of Business

“A very sophisticated and extremely valuable read.”

Gordon Pape, best-selling author and investment commentator

“A must read for Canadians who are serious about investing.”

Moshe Milevsky, PhD, Professor of Finance, Schulich School of Business

“Ted’s case would make any fair judge rule: ‘Case closed.’ Readers who follow his advice will be duly enriched.”

John Bogle, Founder and Former Chairman of The Vanguard Group

“Ted Cadsby has provided a valuable addition to investment finance. This book can immediately be put into action.”

Eric Kirzner, PhD, Professor of Finance, Rotman School of Management

“Ted’s speech provided very illuminating insight into cutting-edge research, as evidenced by the extended Q&A.”

Chris MacDonald, PhD, Ted Rogers Leadership Centre at Toronto Metropolitan University

“Cadsby draws masterfully on a wide range of scientific findings. His book is a remarkable wake-up call. We owe him thanks.”

Robin Hogarth, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra