More than researching and writing about complexity, Ted has managed it. As a senior financial services executive, board director and chair, he has worked through complex problems including business turnarounds, acquisitions and divestitures, union negotiations, CEO succession, and strategy development.

Ted has led multiple businesses in wealth management, retail banking, trust services, and international private banking. His background includes multiple functions, including finance, marketing, advertising, product development, strategy, communications, and sales management. Ted has led a number of management teams, including an executive team that oversaw 18,000 employees. As an accredited director, he has experience on a variety of for-profit, not-for-profit, and regulatory boards.

As President of TRC Advisory Inc., Ted works with management teams, boards of directors, and individual executives to improve:

  • Team decision-making by leveraging cognitive diversity within a group
  • The productivity and efficiency of team meetings

He facilitates offsite meetings whose purpose is to:

  • Dissect and resolve complex issues
  • Explore and debate strategic challenges and competitive differentiation

He conducts workshops for leaders and teams to enhance:

  • Group dynamics and decision-making
  • Individual leadership skills
Ted Cadsby

It’s hard to be human because…

We are odd creatures:

we long to be happy but create our own suffering.


The problem is our thinking and feeling:

poorly matched to human life today.

But there are ways to make it easier…

We just need to get better at one thing:

mastering our neuron-packed brains!