Hard to Be Human

Overcoming Our 5 Cognitive Design Flaws

Ted Cadsby’s revealing and engaging book demonstrates that we can harness the power in our heads. A hopeful manual for actually living a better life.

AMANDA LANG, Anchor of BNN Bloomberg and bestselling author

They don’t know it, but other animals have it easier.
Humans have a unique talent for inflicting misery on themselves in the form of self-righteous fury, self-pity and even self-loathing, to name just a few. We whine, complain, stew, replay past anguish, get anxious about the future, and generally overreact to our overactive imaginations.
Why? Is there a solution? These are the two questions that Hard to Be Human addresses.

Closing the Mind Gap

Making Smarter Decisions in a Hypercomplex World

Ted Cadsby has done us all a favour with this lucid tour of thinking through complexity.
ROGER MARTIN, former Dean of the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Today’s challenges are qualitatively different from the ones that generations of our ancestors faced. But the way we interpret and respond to the world has not kept pace.
Closing this mind gap requires greater complexity in our thinking to match the increasing complexity in our world: mental strategies that are crucial for leadership, at every level, in the twenty-first century.

The 10 Biggest Investment Mistakes Canadians Make and How to Avoid Them

With clarity and wisdom, Cadsby has established himself as an author who must be read.

The 10 Mistakes is the best-selling book that itemizes the biggest investment errors made by retail investors. Invoking human psychology and the science of behavioural finance, Cadsby provides practical solutions, detailed advice and specific tips on how to make money by outsmarting yourself.

The Power of Index Funds

Ted’s case would make any fair judge rule: “Case closed.”
JOHN BOGLE, Founder and Former Chairman of The Vanguard Group

This is the revised edition of the best-selling Canadian breakout book on index investing. Cadsby covers every angle of this proven investment strategy, demonstrates its merits, and addresses all conceivable objections to it.