A complex world demands complex thinking and complex leadership

Ted helps organizations and individual leaders navigate the complexities of modern challenges. A speaker on the contemporary human struggle, leadership in complex times, and harnessing the power of group decision-making, he provides powerful insights and practical solutions for addressing complex problems, including the complexity of managing ourselves.

Complex Thinking

It starts by understanding the gap between our default ways of thinking about the world (including other people and ourselves) and how it (they and we) actually works.

Then it closes the gap with more sophisticated mental strategies.

One simple example is our default way of thinking about causal relationships, which looks like this:

But causality actually works more like this:


And even this representation is oversimplified.

Complex Leadership

The need for high quality conversation is more pressing than ever. But deep, productive discussion is not self-generating. Today’s leader has to be a strong facilitator of dialogue: a Chief Conversation Facilitator.

Complex leadership leverages cognitive diversity by avoiding the traps that teams are vulnerable to (group polarization, group think, and path dependence). Complex leaders foster constructive dissent to deepen and synthesizes different perspectives.

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