Closing the Mind GapLoved Ted Cadsby’s book Closing the Mind Gap…must-read for anyone wanting to tackle complexity!

Amanda Lang, Senior Business Correspondent for CBC News and host of The Exchange with Amanda Lang

Twenty-first-century challenges are qualitatively different from the ones that generations of our ancestors faced. But the way we interpret and respond to the world has not kept pace. Closing the mind gap requires greater complexity in our thinking to match the increasing complexity in our world.

Using insights from cognitive psychology, anthropology, biology, neuroscience, physics, philosophy and complexity science, Cadsby shows how our default thinking gets us into trouble and how we can close the gap. He identifies key issues, such as failing to recognize that we live in two different worlds simultaneously, that we are born into the world with a powerful addiction to certainty, and that we are prone to over-simplifying everything we think about—all of which undermine our handling of complex problems.

Organizations, governments, families and individuals all need more sophisticated mental strategies to be successful in managing today’s complexity: mental shifts such as reconsidering our notion of causality and truth, hunting for missing information, and identifying the patterns of randomness that often deceive us. These thinking strategies are crucial for 21st century leadership at every level.

Comments on Closing the Mind Gap:

“Complexity and the imperfect ways we humans deal with it has become an increasing fascination and worry in our modern world. Ted Cadsby has done us all a favour with this lucid and easy-to-read tour of humanity’s approach to thinking through the complexity of our world. The book serves as both a timely warning of human frailties in decision making and a helpful guide in how to think about our thinking.”

Roger Martin, Academic Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute and former Dean of the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, and author of Playing to Win

“William James said we are only half awake. Ted Cadsby shows there is a lot of scientific truth wrapped inside that metaphorical truth.”

Philip E. Tetlock, PhD, Annenberg University Professor, University of Pennsylvania Psychology Department and Wharton School of Business, and author of Expert Political Judgment.

“Brimming with insight, Ted Cadsby’s Closing the Mind Gap a book of ambitious scope, explaining why we so often make poor decisions — and how to do better. Professionals in all fields will find it highly valuable.”

Phil Rosenzweig, PhD, Professor of Strategy and International Business, IMD, and author of Left Brain, Right Stuff.

“Cadsby demonstrates his thesis by drawing masterfully on a wide range of scientific findings. His book is a remarkable wake-up call because thinking about important issues cannot be treated like ‘business as usual.’ We owe him thanks for making this point in such a comprehensive and illuminating manner.”

Robin M. Hogarth, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Economics and Business, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and author of Educating Intuition

“A courageous synthesis of cognitive psychology, complexity theory and systems theory. Cadsby provides readers with practical implications for improving their decision-making process.”

Gary Klein, PhD, Senior Scientist at MacroCognition LLC and author of Seeing What Others Don’t

“This wide-ranging but accessible book distills the latest research in complexity theory and cognitive science, and shows how we can debug our ‘mental software’ to think and act more effectively in the modern world.”

David Orrell, PhD, mathematician and author of numerous books, including Truth or Beauty and Economyths

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